The First 100 Days

With the presidential transition complete and a new administration at the helm of American foreign policy, Glimpse from the Globe is excited to launch a new multimedia series: “The First 100 Days.” As is the marker of every presidential administration, the first 100 days in office is critical. Not only will the Biden administration have to define their domestic and international priorities — amid a global pandemic, economic downturn and domestic political division reaching an all time high — but the administration also has to tackle the challenges it inherited from its predecessors.

The White House and the federal government under the leadership of former President Donald Trump left the new administration a host of global challenges, including hostile relations with traditional adversaries, withering friendships with historical allies and precarious immigration, trade and human rights issues throughout the world.

Glimpse from the Globe’s editors and staff writers are dedicated to covering the most pressing concerns and challenges facing the new administration at this time — everything from the pandemic and multilateral cooperation to rebuilding U.S. government agencies and restoring American leadership on the world stage. In addition to editorial work, Glimpse is excited to launch a mini podcast series dedicated to discussions with our community about this new opportunity for the United States’ global strategy and approach to the world. 

Podcast Series

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