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Adam Bernabo

I am a sophomore studying international relations and global business. In my free time I enjoy learning languages and experiencing different cultures. I have been studying French for 12 years and Japanese for two. I am interested in exploring the effects of cultural philosophies on world politics and the global economy.


Adam Fazal

Adam Fazal is currently a junior at USC majoring in International Relations and the Global Economy. His passions reside in global development and civil societies and the intersection between economics and community empowerment. Adam has spent much of his professional life working with nonprofits in areas related to community development and financial management, so don’t be surprised if you see him with a spreadsheet in front of him! He hopes to one day work at global institutions, such as the United Nations, to help revitalize communities worldwide.


Ahn Ho Rhee

Ahn Ho is a Korean-Indonesian second-year student majoring in Intelligence and Cyber Operations, with a plan to double major in French, and on track to study law. Ahn Ho’s areas of interests include the influence of religion on politics, government information security, and South East Asian foreign policy. Ahn Ho’s past experiences have ranged from data analytics and corporate consulting to graphic design. Recreationally, Ahn Ho is an avid fan of cue sports, A24 films, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.


Aidan Martin

Aidan is a senior studying History and International Relations with a minor in Legal Studies. He is particularly interested in the power or, lack thereof, of international institutions and international law to address climate change. At USC, he is also involved in Model United Nations, the Thematic Option Writing Program, and the Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity. Additionally, Aidan has conducted research at the Chicago History Museum and plans to write a senior thesis in history.


Aiden Fullwood

Aiden Fullwood is a junior majoring in International Relations with minors in Korean Studies and Cultural Diplomacy from San Diego. Since March of 2021, Aiden has volunteered as an English tutor with Aurora NK, an organization dedicated to the education, legal support, and healthcare of North Korean refugees. She is especially interested in humanitarian and immigration issues across the globe, as well as U.S. relations with China and North Korea, and is eager to learn more through reporting on said topics with Glimpse. In the future, Aiden hopes to achieve fluency in Korean and Spanish and potentially work for the United Nations.


Alicia Liu



Alina Mehdi



Andrea Chen

Andrea Chen is a senior majoring in Communication and minoring in Entrepreneurship through the USC Marshall School of Business. She is originally from North Carolina, but moved to Taiwan at age 10. She is interested in global economic and international affairs, and is interested in the intersection of politics and global current events. In her free time, she loves to dance, cook and watch movies.


Andrew Liu

Andrew is a freshman studying International Relations with an emphasis on Global Business. He is excited to explore opportunities in writing, policy analysis, and foreign affairs. In particular, Andrew is interested in the activities and effectiveness of international organizations and multilateral treaties. In his free time, Andrew enjoys reading about nineteenth-century European history, watching the latest Marvel content, and—during the wintertime—descending snowy mountain peaks on his snowboard. 


Aneri Shah

Aneri Shah is a senior Philosophy, Politics, and Economics major from Gurnee, Illinois. Interning at organizations such as the Lake County Democrats and being a legal writer for Her Lawyer, she is passionate about topics such as elections and women’s rights. She hopes to have a law degree to further reproductive justice in the United States. When she isn’t talking about politics, she enjoys playing the violin (terribly) & tennis (adequately)!


Anya Moturi



Ash Alguneh

Ash Alguneh, a current sophomore majoring in international relations, was born and raised in Houston, Texas for 14 years when his family made the move to Vancouver, Canada. Ash hopes to become an invested member of the podcast team at Glimpse From The Globe. His area of focus involve security issues of the Middle East, specifically looking at Iran-US relations, the Yemeni conflict, and overall Middle Eastern affairs. In his free time, Ash enjoys listening to house music, watching Netflix shows, and trying new food. 


Ava Targett



Barrett Fuller

Barrett Fuller is a senior from Boise, Idaho. He is an International Relations (Global Business) major with minors in German Studies and Russian Area Studies. Barrett is particularly interested in Central and Eastern European affairs, education policy, and climate change. He is the president of American Sign Language Club, Recruitment Coordinator for Delta Phi Epsilon, Supervisor at the USC Bookstore, and a Teaching International Relations Program volunteer.


Bita Beheshti

Bita Beheshti is a sophomore majoring in International Relations and minoring in Iranian studies. She was born in Iran, and has lived in the greater Sacramento area since she was 10. Her primary interests in IR include Middle East foreign politics, economics, and global trade. She is also involved in Moot Court, Society of Women in Law, and works for the American Language Institute as a program assistant. Outside of school, she loves to go to the beach, read, cook, and watch movies. 


Caitlyn McMahan

Caitlyn McMahan is a sophomore at USC studying Environmental Science. She is passionate about climate issues, sustainability, and wildlife conservation. Raised in the Rocky Mountains, Caitlyn is an avid skier and hiker, and enjoys volunteering at community cleanups. She enjoys sharing her knowledge of the natural world with her peers and hopes to inspire others to preserve the earth for future generations.


Cathy Chen

Cathy Chen is currently a third-year student at USC majoring in International Relations with a minor in East Asian Area Studies. Being an international student from Vancouver, Canada who has lived in both the United States and China, Cathy is particularly interested in East Asian affairs and the relationship between our world’s current two greatest superpowers. On-campus, Cathy is also a member of DPE (Delta Phi Epsilon), an intern for KASA (Korean-American Student Association),  and a writer for USC’s Haute Magazine.


Chloe Ghaleb

Chloe Ghaleb is a sophomore candidate for a B.A. in Political economy. She is a member of the Southern California Moot Court and a contributor to the USC Economics Review. Chloe is a dual American-Lebanese citizen and is coming to USC as an international student; she hopes to apply her unique lived experiences to her analyses of a range of topics from economics to international relations and global affairs. She is excited to combine her intellectual interests with her passion for writing and journalism. 


Claire Silverstein

Claire Silverstein is a sophomore double majoring in Environmental Studies and Philosophy, Politics, and Law. She is particularly interested in environmental justice and how environmental issues, such as the climate change crisis, intersect with other global issues including access to high quality food and the fashion supply chain. She hopes to pursue a career in law, environmental consulting, or environmental policy and planning. On campus, Claire is a part of Los Angeles Community Impact consulting and the Trojan Consulting Group. In her free time, she loves to read memoirs and romance novels and spend time outdoors hiking or at the beach.


Daniel Kos

Daniel Kos is a sophomore studying International Relations with a minor in Latin American Studies from San Francisco, California. He is interested in politics and economics in Latin America, especially income inequality and the region’s trade relations with the United States and China. Daniel is a member of the USC Model UN team and is a Global Policy Institute (GPI) fellow. He is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish, and enjoys hiking in nature.


Daniel Perez

Daniel Perez is a senior double majoring in Urban Studies and Planning & Political Economy. He is from Ventura California, where he developed his passion for the environment. On campus, Daniel is also involved in urban planning research and Delta Phi Epsilon. He is particularly interested in sustainability, city planning, media, economic development, and US foreign relations policy.


Defne Aslan

Defne Aslan is a sophomore majoring in International Relations. She was born in Ankara, Turkey and moved to Washington D.C. at age seven. On campus, she is the Communications Coordinator for Delta Phi Epsilon, a volunteer for the Teaching International Relations Program, and a photographer for Spec Magazine. She is passionate about human rights issues concerning refugees, immigrants, climate change and sustainability, and democracy. In her free time, she loves to dance, learn languages, and be in nature.


Domenic Camicia



Eari Nakano

Eari Nakano is a sophomore majoring in political science with a minor in law and public policy. Over the summer, she interned with a Brooklyn city council candidate and helped out with a start-up business for entrepreneur women in Japan. After USC I hope to attend law school either in the US or Europe and would like to pursue an international law degree. 


Elena Zhai

Elena Zhai is a senior majoring in both International Relations Global Economy and French at the University of Southern California. She is from China, Shanghai and is particularly interested in political and economic affairs of China. She has studied aboard for a summer in France participating in the Paris summer program by School of international Relations. During which she took classes on European history and policy making regarding the integration process of the European Union. On campus, she is also currently a member of Ascend USC Chapter. Her special area of interest includes human rights, economic policies as well as sustainable environment development. 


Emily Columbine

Emily Columbine is currently a senior double majoring in French and Global Studies with a minor in Economics. She is especially interested in economic development, and the mechanisms and processes surrounding its implementation throughout the globe. Emily grew up in Southern California and is  a big fan of the outdoors and anything beach related. She is also a member of USC’s Economic Review and SC Outfitters.


Eva Liu

Eva Liu is a junior majoring in International Relations and Global Economy. At USC, Eva is a staff writer for US-China Today and a member of the Trojan Consulting Club. She was born in China and moved to the Bay Area in sixth grade. Her research interests mainly focus on the relationship between the United States and China, foreign policy, and East Asian politics. In her free time, she likes to play guitar, write poetry, and play tennis.


Faith Hotchkiss

Faith Hotchkiss is a senior at the University of Southern California pursuing a double major in International Relations (Global Business) and French. She is enthusiastic about the partnerships between public, private, and nonprofit sectors and their work towards global change. Specifically areas with regard to racial and gender equality, human rights, and climate change through the means of marketing and global communication.


Gabriel Quejada

Gabriel is a sophomore majoring in Psychology and International Relations. He is particularly interested in security and defense studies. Having lived all over the world, Gabriel is also interested in cultures and how their general schemas and subtle peculiarities affect international relations. In his free time, Gabriel likes to run.


Giorgi Inaishvili

Giorgi Inaishvili is a sophomore majoring in Communications at USC Annenberg School for Communications and Journalism. He is from Georgia, and since his country is witnessing an ongoing Russian occupation, he is interested in observing the foreign relations of the Russian Federation and Eastern European countries in general. Giorgi has previously interned at the Administration of President of Georgia. Besides speaking English and Georgian, he is fluent in Russian. 


Gizelle Polanco

Gizelle Polanco is currently a Senior majoring in History and minoring in International Relations. She is interested in economic development, human rights as well as arts and culture in Latin America and East Asia. In her free time she likes to go to the beach, visit museums and listen to music. She has also been involved in USC’s Student Symphony Orchestra and Society of Women in Law.


Gloria Guo

Gloria Guo is a senior studying international relations with a minor in law & public policy. Her academic interests are U.S.-Asia relations and human rights, with a special focus on political democratization, foreign policy, and how institutional reform could facilitate changes in East Asia and the Pacific Rim. In her free time, she likes to study languages, watch TV shows, and hang out with my friends!


Grant Addington

I am a junior from Fresno, California, studying Aerospace Engineering. At USC, I am involved with the NROTC program, ultimate frisbee, and the Rocket Propulsion Lab. In my free time, I love reading The Atlantic and The New Yorker, and going to concerts. I have always had a passion to write and learn about the world concurrently.


Gwen Smith

Hi! My name is Gwendolyn Smith and I am a Sophomore studying International Relations. My passions include human rights activism (especially human trafficking awareness), reading contemporary literature, and caring for my two adorable chihuahuas. As a disabled student, I strive for inclusivity in every environment through my position as an Assistant Director for the Student Accessibility Association and as the Social Justice Inclusion Chair for Cale & Irani Residential College. Overall, it is my goal to increase international awareness on campus by writing easily comprehensible articles for Glimpse


Hans Yang

Hans Yang is a junior majoring in International Relations (Global Business) and East Asian Languages & Cultures. He is interested in U.S. foreign policy, South Korea-Japan relations, and supply chain resilience. On campus, Hans is involved in the Delta Phi Epsilon Foreign Service Society and advocaSC. In his free time, he enjoys watching movies, trying new restaurants, and exercising. 


Hunter Black

Hunter Black is a current sophomore majoring in Journalism at Annenberg. Hunter is originally from San Mateo, California, near San Fransisco. He hopes to work with Glimpse from the Globe in order to gain experience writing articles focusing on international relations and foreign policy. Hunter seeks to hopefully pursue a career in public relations/image management after college!


Isabel Lobo

Isabel Lobo is a junior at the University of Southern California majoring in Law, History, and Culture and minoring in Latin American Studies. She is interested in international policy, politics, journalism, development, and human rights. On campus, she is an active member of Hermanas Unidas and the Latinx Student Assembly. As a SoCal native, she enjoys morning runs by the beach, reading, and traveling, and hopes to achieve French fluency. 


Isadora Hester

My name is Isadora Hester and I am a junior studying public policy from Berkeley, California. I enjoy writing on issues of human rights and investigative journalism. I also love to swim and go on hikes. I am on the club water polo team and a member of Delta Phi Epsilon and Alpha Delta Pi. 


Isobel Smith

Isobel Smith is a junior majoring in international relations. She is from New Zealand and is interested in the nation’s affairs as well as how they interact with the rest of the world. Outside of Glimpse she is involved in USC’s Model UN team, Delta Phi Epsilon, the university’s foreign service fraternity, and Make it 16 New Zealand. In her free time, she enjoys exploring nature and LA.


Izabella Ge

Izabella Ge is a sophomore majoring in Economics/Mathematics and minoring in French. Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, she spent eight years abroad in Asia and now resides in the Bay Area. Her love for international travel and exploring different cultures has inspired her to learn new languages. Apart from Glimpse, Izabella is active in Marshall Case Team as well as in Christian Challenge.


Janice Jung

Janice Jung is a Presidential Scholars sophomore majoring in international relations and global economy with a Pre-law track. As a first generation immigrant from Korea, she became fascinated with the subject of international relations through observing the different cultures around her. At USC, she is involved in Model UN, Joint Educational Project, Trojan Parliamentary Debate, and APASS’s PEER Program. Outside of school, she loves to find delicious food places, explore nature, and jam out to k-R&B.


Janna Lee

Janna Lee is a junior majoring in Business Administration with an emphasis in Cinematic Arts. By living in both the USA and South Korea, Janna has seen and experienced the impact of foreign affairs in her daily life. On campus, she is a part of Marshall Entertainment Association and Film and TV Writers of USC. Her areas of interest include international relations, marketing, and film production, and in her free time, she enjoys watching movies, cooking online recipes, and playing basketball.


Jasmijn Teunissen

Jasmijn Teunissen is an International Relations and the Political Economy major at USC. She is originally from the Netherlands but she grew up in New York City. As a writer for Glimpse from the Globe, Jasmijn is particularly interested in the role of intergovernmental actors such as the United Nations in maintaining global security and climate initiatives. In her free time, she likes to spend time with friends, read, bake, and play tennis.


Joshua Pan

Joshua Pan is currently a sophomore majoring in International Relations. He developed a deep and longstanding interest in global affairs through living in different countries and understanding other cultures. He sought to specialise in Balkan, MENA, and Central Asian affairs, as he is passionate about shedding light on the regions of the world that are underrepresented or misrepresented. Outside of his professional work, he enjoys cooking, soccer, and furthering his career as an amateur DJ. 


Jude Veerman

Jude is a senior from South Dakota with majors in International Relations and Spanish. He is particularly interested in defense, intelligence, and the intersection between where these disciplines meet. At USC, he is also involved in Model United Nations, the Joint Educational Project, and the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. Outside of school, Jude is an avid reader, jiu-jitsu practitioner, and language enthusiast. 


Jules Sevin

Jules is a senior majoring in finance with a minor in economics. He is originally French but grew up in Turkey, India, The Netherlands and attended high school in an international school in China. His areas of interest include equity/debt capital markets and central banking. In the future, Jules hopes to work in fixed income research. 


Julian Guo

Hi, I am Julian. I am a junior pursuing both Public Policy and economics. I am interested in writing
about how international power dynamics influence individuals and issues on social changes. Outside of
academia, I am interested in playing tennis and hiking.


Kamila Fomin



Karan Kalra

I am Karan Kalra, a freshman from New Delhi, India. I am majoring in international relations and global business. In addition to researching about global affairs, I am an avid travel junky as well. I am highly privileged to be a part of Glimpse from the Globe.


Kathryn Kendrick

Kathryn Kendrick is a senior studying Political Science with a concentration in comparative politics. She is interested in foreign affairs and policy surrounding religious violence, authoritarian governments, and genocide. She plans on going to graduate school for conflict studies and journalism. In her free time, she likes to hike, ski, and ride bikes.


Kenneth Shu

Kenneth Shu is a senior studying in philosophy, politics, and law (PPL) with an emphasis on legal
studies at USC. He lived abroad for the bulk of his life and has traveled throughout the globe as
part of his past employment with the UNOPS. As such he had developed a keen understanding
of international affairs and, through firsthand experience, has witnessed the various intricacies
that complicate contemporary discussions on international legislation. At USC, he serves as a
DEI committee member for the Trojan Democrats and as a member of the Blackstonians. In his
free time, he prefers to relax with a good cup of tea while trying to train his pet bird to curse in
foreign languages.


Kira Liljegren

Kira Liljegren is a junior at USC double-majoring in International Relations and Theatre with a minor in German Studies. Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, her interests include women’s and LGBTQ+ rights. On campus, Kira is a member of the German club, triathlon team, and performs in plays with the School of Dramatic Arts. Outside of the classroom, she loves to dance, read, and spend time on Duolingo learning bits of various languages.


Lana Diab



Lauren Nash

Lauren Nash is a senior majoring in Business Administration and minoring in International Relations. She is interested in the political and economic affairs of East Asia and the Middle East. On campus, Lauren is also involved in Los Angeles Community Impact and the Women’s Network. In her free time, Lauren loves to read, cook, and hike with friends. 


Lawrence Sung

Lawrence Sung is a sophomore transfer student from Southern California who is majoring in International Relations (Global Business). His yearly vacations to Singapore to visit relatives serve as an inspiration for his life-long devotion to international affairs, as he enjoys meeting new people, learning about new perspectives, and absorbing new cultural experiences. Specifically, he desires to help bridge political divides and promote democracy around the world. Outside of Glimpse, Lawrence is involved with USC’s Taiwanese American Organization and SYNRG Media, a local multimedia production start-up he helped to found. He loves to watch Rick and Morty, go on long drives, hang out with friends, and listen to podcasts in his down time.


Layla MoheyEldin

Layla MoheyEldin is a sophomore majoring in International Relations and minoring in Middle East Studies. Her areas of interest include international relations, security studies, and foreign affairs as they relate to the Middle East. In addition, she is particularly interested in the way Western intervention since the 19th century has shaped the politics and interactions of the nations in the region, and how this dynamic has contributed proxy conflicts between competing powers in the Middle East. Layla also volunteers for the Democratic Volunteer Center and Swing Left, and previously interned for Humanitarian Aid International. 


Logan Burgess

Logan Burgess is a freshman majoring in International Relations. Their interests include human rights, foreign affairs, and tourism issues. In addition, they are interested in Asia as a whole while still having a fascination with the rest of the world. Aside from school, Logan loves to run long distances, play games with friends, and cook a variety of food.


Lucia Musacchi

Lucia Musacchi is a freshman from Washington state majoring in Economics. Originally from Italy, she’s interested in writing about the country’s economic and social developments and is interested in global trade, the Eurozone crisis, human rights, and foreign policy. Outside of school, she loves hiking, and watching the interesting F1 Ferrari strategies.  


Maanya Medapa

Maanya is a sophomore studying International Relations from Bangalore, India. She has an avid interest in learning languages and is semi-fluent in Spanish, Mandarin, Hindi and Kannada. She is specifically interested in improving women’s rights in developing countries. Outside of class she spends her time rock climbing, backpacking and hiking. She is also the acting president of the West Residential Community Council. 


Madelyn Sequeira

I’m a sophomoremajoring in International Relations with a minor in Communication Design. I’m from San Diego, CA. As a Nicaraguan and Mexican American, I’m passionate about Latin American politics, human rights, and foreign policy. In my free time, I enjoy going on runs, painting, and spending time outdoors with friends. I’m also a member of Delta Phi Epsilon, USC’s foreign service fraternity.


Mallory Wilson

Mallory Wilson is a sophomore studying International Relations with a minor in Environmental Studies and Dance. She loves having fun with her friends, the beach, thrifting, good coffee, and trying new vegan food around LA. She is involved in the foreign service professional society Delta Phi Epsilon (DPE), writes for the USC Global Policy Institute (GPI), and works at the Parkside mailroom. She is passionate about climate change, climate migration and refugees, pollution, and human rights. 


Matthew Giesecke

My name is Matthew Giesecke and I am a junior at USC majoring in political science with a minor in Spanish. My area of focus is Indigenous communities throughout North and South America, but more centered on the Native American population residing within the U.S. I wish to pursue a career in the realm of Human Rights where I may be an activist for Indigenous rights. Outside of academics, I love to go on hikes and explore new places with friends. Lastly, I must say that I am a Bay kid at heart, so definitely will catch me being one of those annoying Bay kids who is constantly saying how much better it is (sorry, not sorry).


Matthew Kuloszewski

Matthew Kuloszewski is a sophomore from Scranton, Pennsylvania studying Political Science and Economics. He first became interested in the field of international relations through participating in Model UN back in high school, deepening his passions for policy and history along the way. Matthew is excited to learn more and write about economic development and empowerment with Glimpse from the Globe! In his free time, he likes to cook (and eat), hike, and explore southern California with his friends and family.


Maya Gomes

My name is Maya Gomes, and I am a sophomore from New York city majoring in Journalism with minors in Sports Media Studies and International Relations. I have studied abroad twice in Spain and Italy, and I am particularly interested in the intersection of global athletics and cultural conflicts. Outside of school, I enjoy traveling and sports, and I am a long time New York Giants fan.


Meredith McCabe

Meredith is a senior studying journalism with a minor in psychology and law. She has lived in seven states and three countries and has had the privilege of visiting six out of the seven continents. She enjoys writing about culture, media and entertainment with a global lens and looks forward to attending law school. She spent her summer interning at the LA County Office of the Public Defender. In her free time, you can find Meredith listening to true crime podcasts or trying the newest restaurants in LA. 


Zain Khan

My name is Mohammed Zain Shafi Khan I go by Zain and my friends here at Usc call me MZ! Previously, I interned at freedom firm, A non-profit that works on rescue and restoration operations for minors sold into prostitution. Currently I am a research intern for the LA county 5th district supervisor’s office where I am tasked along with my team to find facilities that can house the mentally ill population of the soon to be demolished Mens Central Jail. I am passionate about human rights especially in countries/regions with no regard for life in conflict driven zones such as Syria, Afghanisthan, South America and the Middle East. I love to closely follow US politics and its relations with other countries. I strongly believe that today’s world is more divided and complex despite the globalisation that is taking over and causing interconnectedness. However, I believe that there is hope and good in some parts of the world which is why we all have an inherent need to do our part. In my free time I love to cook, dance, try new foods, spend time with friends, family and binge watch tv series( my weakness are sitcoms and political thrillers). 


Molly McCall

Molly McCall is a junior from Tacoma, Washington studying Political Science and Applied Mathematics. She is interested in foreign policy and negotiation and their intersections with the global political climate, specifically concentrated in the Middle East. As a math major, she is also passionate about gender equality in STEM education abroad. She is also involved in Phi Alpha Delta, USC’s pre-law fraternity. Outside of school, Molly enjoys snowboarding, yoga, and traveling.


Navya Mehta

Navya is a sophomore with a major in Business Administration and a minor in Applied Analytics. Born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and as a first-generation Indian-American, her upbringing has been mainly defined by the Latin, South Asian, and American influences in her life. This led to her passion for international affairs, where she has not only written for past college publications but also has led an international non-profit organization to promote women’s empowerment. Her specific area of international interest focuses on human rights, whether that be through feminism, literacy, infrastructure, or a greener planet.


Oliver Swack

Oliver Swack is a junior at the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts, and is currently pursuing a degree in International Relations and the Global Economy. Oliver is a graduate of the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) and loves hiking and backpacking. On a good weekend, you can usually find him catching some sun at the beach and even surfing some waves. He has an immense curiosity in foreign cultures and philosophy, and he hopes to touch upon these topics in his writing, specifically within East Asia and the Middle East.


Paulina Garmute

Paulina Garmute is a sophomore majoring in International Relations. She is particularly interested in health studies and public policy. On campus, she is also involved in Mock Trial and DPE. In her spare time, she enjoys trying new foods, taste-testing coffee, baking cookies, and going on spontaneous road trips with her friends. 


Pauline Ngom

Pauline Ngom is currently a freshman at USC majoring in International Relations and Global Business. Her areas of interest include human rights, foreign policy, and economic development in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. She speaks French fluently and has been studying Chinese for the past four years. She looks forward to creating thought-provoking pieces and exploring the journalistic landscape. 


Piya Garg

Piya Garg is a sophomore from London, UK, majoring in International Relations (Global Business) and minoring in Human Rights. Hailing from an international background, Piya has always been passionate about global affairs and its impacts on marginalized groups and communities. In particular, she is interested in human rights, gender equality, and women’s development, especially as it pertains to Central and South Asia. Outside of Glimpse from the Globe, Piya is involved in the International Students Assembly as their Chair of Advocacy, USC Flow as Director of Education, Southern California International Review as an editor, and Alpha Lambda Delta as their Director of Communications. In her free time, Piya enjoys traveling, trying new foods, and going to the beach.


Reid Hartman-Teske

Reid Hartman-Teske is a freshman from Denver, Colorado at the University of Southern California studying International Relations. His areas of interest include sociocultural issues, the impact of climate change, and Global North-Global South relations. In his free time, he enjoys listening to music, learning languages (particularly French, Italian, and Persina), and spending time outside. 


Rodrigo Conesa

Rodrigo Conesa is a sophomore currently majoring in Economics. He is originally from Mexico City, and his interests include economic development in Latin America and Mexico and U.S. foreign policy in the region. 


Rudra Saigal

Rudra Saigal (he/they) is a sophomore from Indore, India, majoring in Political Science. Rudra is deeply passionate about political, socio-economic, and human rights issues, particularly in South Asia. Growin up in central India and having closely observed Indian politics, public administration and justice at the grass-roots levels, Rudra is fondly interested in writing about the state of Indian democracy, society and economy. In addition to serving as the Junior Writer at Glimpse from the Globe, Rudra is involved with SC Project RISHI (Rural India Social and Health Initiative) and Unruh Associates on campus. He is also the Co-Director of Trojan Scholar Socitey’s Academic and Professional Committee and the Advocacy Director of the Queer and Ally Student Assembly (QuASA). In his free time, Rudra enjoys reading poetry and fiction, watching Bollywood movies and hanging out with his friends. 


Safira Khan



Sampada Mathur

Sampada Mathur is a senior majoring in International Relations and minoring in Psychology and Law. At USC, Sampada works for the Center for Economic and Social Research as well as the Center for Civic Engagement. She is also involved with the Roosevelt Network, USC’s premier public policy think tank, and Effective Altruism. Her research interests consist of culture and shared identity, human rights, women’s rights, rights of migrants and refugees, right to food and social protection, and rights of older persons, with a regional interest in South Asia. In her free time, she loves experimenting with new recipes, going on hikes, and binge-watching all kinds of movies and shows.


Samuel Agustin

Samuel Agustin is a freshman from Wichita, Kansas studying International Relations. His areas of interest include international development, climate change, and human rights. Before coming to USC, Samuel interned at an anti-human trafficking organization. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family and playing with his dogs.


Sam Sommerer

Samuel Sommerer is a senior majoring in Computer Science. He’s interested in technology and cyber warfare as they relate to geopolitics, as well as the impact international criminal organizations have on nation states. At USC, he is also VP of Projects for CAIS++, USC’s undergraduate AI organization, and conducts natural language processing research at the INK lab. Previously, he was an editor at the USC Illumin magazine.


Samuel Tvrdik

Sam Tvrdik is a current USC junior double majoring in Political Science and Psychology with a minor in Applied Analytics. Sam is from a very small town outside of Rochester, NY named Honeoye Falls. He is extremely passionate about the environment and climate policy on a global scale with a concentrated interest in marine policy. In his free time, Sam enjoys traveling and staying active in any way he can.


Sarah Kim

Sarah Kim is a senior double majoring in Law, History, and Culture and East Asian Languages and Cultures. She was born in Seoul, South Korea, and moved all around the United States before residing currently in Los Angeles. Sarah is passionate about the way law and history intersect to shape society. She hopes to apply her lived experiences and cross-cultural knowledge to her analyses of global issues. Outside of Glimpse, she is involved in Liberty in North Korea (LiNK) and SC Climbing.


Sari Goldberg

Sari Goldberg is a freshman from Chicago, Illinois. She is currently majoring in International Relations and the Global Economy. Sari is very passionate about the climate crisis, human rights advocacy, and economic development. She is interested in writing on these topics as they relate to the Middle East.


Saulius Galvanauskas

Saulius Galvanauskas is a senior from Ann Arbor, Michigan studying International Relations
with a minor in History. His interests include foreign policy and international security. As a
Lithuanian-American dual citizen, he is specifically interested in affairs within Central and
Eastern Europe. Outside of school, his hobbies include piano, video games, and baseball.


Shashwat Singh

Shashwat Singh is a junior from Tulsa, Oklahoma in Dornsife double majoring in International Relations and the Global Economy and Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. His primary interests in International Relations are global trade, economics, and international institutions. Outside of academics, he love to read, listen to music, bike, play/watch sports (almost any sport imaginable), and go to the beach. 


Sophia Lyman

Sophia Lyman is currently a sophomore here at USC and is majoring in International Relations, with a minor in Pre-Law: Human Rights. She has always been writing from a young age, whether that was writing journal entries of her daily life in Argentina and Orange County, or song lyrics inspired by her international travels with family. She continued developing her writing skills, and eventually wrote and published a book on Amazon, Leo’s Adventures, that went in hand with her nonprofit, the Emergency Preparedness Program. Sophia decided to join Glimpse from the Globe because she wanted to use her abilities to help promote the issues people are facing in other parts of the world, and encourage others to find ways they can help.


Stefanie Portillo

Stefanie is a senior majoring in Public Policy Analysis and minoring in Economics and Applied Analytics. She is from the Chicagoland area and first came to California at the beginning of college. She is involved in other organization such as the Roosevelt Network and Novus Think Tank. She is currently interning for the Kelli Rhodes Campaign in Colorado as a Policy Analyst Intern.


Sydney Kim

I am a junior at USC majoring in Economics. I am originally from Orange County, California. My interests are global economy, politics, and culture. In my free time I like to travel and experience different cultures, analyze films, and spend time with friends and family. 


TJ Martynowicz

Thomas is a junior pursuing his undergraduate degree in International Relations with minors in Latin American Studies and French. Originally from New Jersey, Thomas has a strong passion for language rights and is proficient in four languages. On campus, he is an Admission Center Student Ambassador, the director of education for AdvocaSC, as well as a member of both the French Club and the university’s foreign service fraternity, Delta Phi Epsilon.


Thomas Drzik

Thomas Drzik is a senior majoring in Intelligence and Cyber Operations and minoring in legal studies. He is especially interested in national security issues, geopolitics, and emerging threats in cyber security. In the past, he has worked on political campaigns at both the state and national level and participated in Model Congress. At USC, Tom is the Director of Recruitment for the USC triathlon club and an active member of Phi Alpha Delta, a professional pre-law fraternity.


Tomas Castillo Bukakis

Tomas Castillo Bukakis ( I go by Tomas Bukakis) 

Senior majoring in International Relations and Global Business with a minor in Social Entrepreneurship.

I am Costa Rican and Greek descendant and first generation immigrant to America.

I grew up in the mountains of Alajuela, Costa Rica working as a child picking coffee and making less than 2$ per day.  My struggles back in Latin America and as a first generation immigrant inspired me to focus my career emphasis on international law, social development and diplomacy.

I am part of Delta Kappa Alpha (national professional film fraternity) and Lambda Epsilon Chi ( national professional fraternity for paralegal and legal assistants).

I am an ABA approved legal assistant/paralegal and I am a fellow in the Roosevelt Foundation.  


Valerie Aronhalt

Hi! My name is Valerie Aronhalt and I am a Freshman majoring in International Relations. I was born in the US but am half-Peruvian and grew up in Lima. My regional interests are in Latin America and East Asia relations and am also passionate about human rights, environmental justice, and international security. In my free time, I enjoy listening to music, thrifting, crocheting, journaling, and spending time with my friends.


Vedant Vamshidhar

Vedant Vamshidhar is a junior majoring in Intelligence & Cyber Operations with minors in Economics and Psychology & Law. He is interested in the politics of cybersecurity and climate change mitigation strategies. Outside of Glimpse, he is involved in Model United Nations, USC Project RISHI, and the USC Child Interviewing Lab. In his free time, Vedant enjoys reading, discovering new music, and watching soccer. 


William Meyers

William Meyers is a sophomore currently studying Public Relations at the University of Southern California. While originally coming from the Chicagoland area, he has lived in various cities on the east coast which has offered him a unique perspective on various domestic to international issues. After completing his Undergraduate program he plans on pursuing a Juris Doctorate to follow his dream of practicing civil rights law. Outside of academic and professional work, he enjoys hiking and playing tennis.


Will Ortell

Will Ortell is a sophomore at USC studying International Relations and Spanish. His research interests include approaches to conflict mitigation and institution building in developing countries, with a particular focus in Latin America. Outside of Glimpse, Will is a part of DPE, SPEC Lab, and Trojan Scholar Society. His non-academic interests include cooking, Eastern spirituality, and hip hop music. Will joined Glimpse in Spring ’22.


Yee June Hwang

My name is Joshua Hwang and I am an International Relations major at USC. I spent my childhood in Korea, New Zealand, and California— most recently, though, I attended boarding school in the Boston area. As a writer for Glimpse from the Globe, I am interested in the American and Chinese presence in East Asia, Japanese and Korean foreign policy, and the legacy of colonialism found in modern Africa and Asia. In my free time, I like to play basketball, watch movies, write fiction, and nap. 


Yukina Kuo

Yukina Kuo is a sophomore, double majoring in International Relations and NGOs and Social Change, with a minor in Law and Migration Studies. She is from the Northeast: Brooklyn, Toronto, and Pittsburgh. Her areas of interest include humanitarian crises and intervention, social development, and human migration, specifically the displacement of peoples, the refugee crisis, and the asylum process. Her professional goal is to graduate from USC, attend law school, specializing in International and Immigration Law, and working for an international non-profit such as the International Refugee Committee or Human Rights Watch!


Zigi Kaiser

Zigi is a sophomore from Minneapolis, Minnesota studying International Relations with a minor in Psychology and Law. Her passions are U.S. relations with North Korea and China as well as Eastern European affairs. She is a U.S. Youth Ambassador to Brazil and she interned for Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.