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Abigail Koh


Alexandros Hatzoplous


Alicia Liu

Xiao Alicia Liu is a sophomore currently majoring in Communication and minoring in International Relations. Alicia hails from China and attended high school in the United States, where she took French as her third language. At USC, Alicia is a staff writer at Daily Trojan and a member of the Trojan Debate Team. Her areas of interest include foreign policy, intercultural relations, and international organizations. She also hopes to combine her academic interests by studying media impacts on a global scale.


Alina Mehdi


Andrea Chen

Andrea Chen is a junior majoring in Communication and minoring in Entrepreneurship through the USC Marshall School of Business. She is originally from North Carolina, but moved to Taiwan at age 10. She is interested in global economic and international affairs, and is interested in the intersection of politics and global current events. In her free time, she loves to dance, cook and watch movies.


Atharva Tewari


Bennett Rine

Bennett Rine is a senior studying International Relations. His specific interests are in the intersection of gender and global issues as well as human rights. At USC, he has volunteered with the Teaching International Relations Program, working with high school students in Los Angeles. Bennett is also a member of Delta Phi Epsilon, USC’s international relations and foreign service professional fraternity, and is a fellow at USC Global Policy Institute.


Daniel Kos

Daniel Kos is a sophomore studying International Relations with a minor in Latin American Studies from San Francisco, California. He is interested in politics and economics in Latin America, especially income inequality and the region’s trade relations with the United States and China. Daniel is a member of the USC Model UN team and is a Global Policy Institute (GPI) fellow. He is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish, and enjoys hiking in nature.


Dariush Onsori

Dariush Onsori is a senior majoring in International Relations Global Business and minoring in Computer Science. Especially as an Iranian-American, foreign affairs and the nuances that shape them have always fascinated him. Dariush has previously interned in the French Parliament. In his free time, he enjoys being outdoors in nature as much as possible, exploring (and trying to make) music, and getting mad at my TV when the news is on!


Elena Polo

Elena Polo is a sophomore majoring in International Relations. She grew up in central Mexico and moved to the United States when she was nine. Having thus far lived in two countries her interest in international affairs and globalization stems from a comparative point of view. Her main areas of interest are human rights, as well as foreign and climate policy.


Elena Zhai

Elena Zhai is a junior majoring in International Relations Global Economy and French. She is from Shanghai and is interested in the political and economic affairs of China. She studied aboard for a summer in France, during which she took classes on European history and policy making regarding the integration process of the European Union. On campus, she is also currently a member of Ascend USC. Her special area of interest includes human rights, economic policies as well as sustainable environment development.


Elizabeth Squires


Giancarlo Ceja


Jake Wasserstein

Jake Wasserstein is a senior double majoring in International Relations Global Business and Spanish. Hailing from Middlebury, Connecticut, Jake first became interested in International Relations through traveling and experiencing other cultures. His area of interest lies in the intersection of business and global business. Jake has experience researching at the Institute of European Studies in Brussels, Belgium and EA Capital Markets in New York.


Johanna Soto


Julia Carpenter


Kaitlyn Majkoski


Kennedy Zak


Madeleine Nations

Madeleine Nations is a senior majoring in Central European Studies with a minor in Cultural Diplomacy. She has grown up around the world and currently lives in Naples, Italy. Her degree focuses on the studies of Russia, Germany, and Poland. Madeleine’s interests in NATO, the European Union, and military alliances stem from her background in NROTC and growing up in a Navy family. On campus, she is involved with the Teaching International Relations Program and is a research assistant for the Center for Innovation on Veterans and Navy Families.


Ngai Yeung

Ngai was born and raised in Hong Kong, a curious fusion where the East meets the West. She also loves reading the news, all of which led her to study Journalism and International Relations and the Global Economy at USC. Having grown up there, Ngai is especially interested in the East Asia region, and is currently working on her Mandarin and Japanese. On campus, she also writes for Trojans 360, US-China Today, and the Global City desk at Annenberg Media.


Nicholas Wong

Nicholas Wong is a sophomore majoring in economics with a minor in International Relations. His academic interests include demographic transition and development economics, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa. Nicholas is passionate about disability advocacy, and previously served as the director of Helping Hands for Special Education, a nonprofit based in the San Francisco Bay Area. At USC, Nicholas is involved with the International Consulting Club and WorldMed. In his free time, Nicholas enjoys violin, cycling, rock climbing, and eating very salty food.


Rhondaya Fishburne

Rhondaya Fishburne is a senior studying International Relations. Rhondaya has interned for Congresswoman Carolyn B. Malony. She previously was an editor for the Social Justice Review through the Levan Institute for Humanities and Ethics, conducted research with an associate professor in the School of International Relations, and was a counselor for the university’s first student-led High School Leadership Conference. While interested in various fields of international affairs, she seeks to highlight social movements across the globe, as well as issues of climate and human rights, and U.S.-Africa policy.


Shreyas Pingle

Shreyas is a sophomore coming from Dubai, UAE, and is double-majoring in International Relations and Economics, and minoring in screenwriting. He has previously worked with the youth-focused news outlet, Balance the Ballot, as a writer and editor, and is also starting his own editorial-focused website. On campus, Shreyas is involved with Model UN, the Trojan Investing Society, and more. His interests are primarily in Middle East and South American diplomacy, macroeconomic issues, and the United Nations, where he hopes to work someday.


Spencer Dee


Thomas Chow

Tingying “Talia” Tao


Valeria Diaz