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Glimpse from the Globe’s Senior and Junior Correspondents produce regional and issue-based analysis relevant to ongoing events throughout the world. Correspondents also produce a number of feature pieces, including editorials, policy papers, face-off debates and multimedia works. Each staff writer focuses on a unique region of the world. 

Bita Beheshti (she/her) is a junior majoring in International Relations and minoring in Iranian studies. She was born in Iran, and has lived in the greater Sacramento area since she was 10. Her primary interests in IR include Middle East foreign politics, economics, and global trade. She is also involved in Moot Court, Global Policy Institute, Society of Women in Law, and works for the American Language Institute as the lead program assistant. Outside of school, she loves to go to the beach, read, cook, and watch movies.

Mane Berikyan (she/her) is a Deans scholar junior double majoring in International Relations and Russian. On campus, Mane is the Editor-in-Chief of Glimpse From the Globe, the Editorial Director at the Global Policy Institute, the Vice President of the Armenian Students Association and works at the USC Institute of Armenian Studies. Outside of USC, she is a journalist for Armenia-based media outlet CivilNet and a fellow at the Regional Studies Center based in Yerevan. Her interests include corruption, democracy and conflict in post-Soviet Eurasia, Europe and the Middle East.

Logan Burgess (any pronouns) is a sophomore majoring in International Relations and minoring in East Asian Languages and Cultures. Their interests include human rights, foreign affairs, and tourism issues. Logan’s regions of focus include East Asia and the Pacific, but they still love learning about the rest of the world. Currently, Logan is volunteering for the US Office of Language Services as a part of the outreach team. Aside from school, Logan loves to run long distances, play games with friends, and cook a variety of food.

Samantha Chapman (she/her) is a junior from Hawaii double majoring in Writing for Screen and Television and Environmental Studies. She specializes mostly in topics of energy and human rights in eastern and western Europe. In her free time she likes learning languages, spending time outdoors, and going to watch live sports. Besides Glimpse from the Globe, she is also on the Resource Marketing team for the USC podcast Eco Alarm and a mentor for Scholars Leading Scholars.

Felipe Fernandez (he/him) is a Senior from Colombia double majoring in International Relations and the Global Economy (IRGE) and Business Administration with a finance emphasis. His interests lay in foreign affairs, Latin America development, and how embedded corruption affects the region. Outside Glimpse, he works at Gould School of Law in the Post Conviction Justice Project, helping in a student data management team.

Sarra Hussien (she/her) is a Senior at the University of Southern California majoring in Political Science and Psychology and the current president of Glimpse from the Globe. On campus, Sarra is a member of Delta Phi Epsilon, serves as the Assistant Director of External Relations and Under-Secretary-General of Programming for USC’s Model United Nations team, Assistant Director of External Finance for Moot Court, Director of Design for Glimpse from the Globe, an undergraduate researcher for the Near Crisis Project, Associate Editor for Southern California International Review, and a member of the Thematic Option Honors Program. She is specifically interested in democracy, global conflict, and human rights as it pertains to the Middle East and Africa. When she is not writing, she spends time with friends, naps at the beach, and checks things off her LA bucket list.

Zigi Kaiser (she/her) is a junior studying International Relations with a minor in Law and Social Justice. She is from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and has a bunny. She is passionate about Eastern European and East Asian affairs, as well as domestic U.S. politics.

Zain Khan, full name Mohammed Zain Shafi Khan (he/him), is a Junior studying International Relations and Journalism. He interned at Freedom Firm, a non-profit that works on rescue and restoration operations for minors sold into prostitution. Currently, he is a research intern for the LA county 5th district supervisor’s office where him and his team find facilities that can house the mentally ill population of the soon to be demolished Mens Central Jail. I he is passionate about human rights especially in conflict ridden countries/regions such as Syria, Afghanistan, South America and the Middle East. He closely follow US politics and its relations with other countries. In his free time, he loves to cook, dance, try new foods, spend time with friends, family and binge watch tv series. 

Olivia Lei (she/her) is a Sophmore at the University of Southern California majoring in International Relations & Global Economy on a Pre-Law track. She is passionate about international affairs and politics around the world and is also interested in the field of international inequality. Olivia grew up in China, studied in the United Kingdom and the United States, volunteered in Nepal and New Zealand, and visited Kenya, the UAE, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Germany, Uganda, South Korea, Japan, Myanmar, Canada, and Thailand. She was blessed to have such opportunities to see the world from so many different perspectives and want to help others understand the world’s affairs better.

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Raegan Lusk (she/her) is a junior majoring in international relations and minoring in human rights on the pre-law track. Her interests include migration, cultural diplomacy and gender equality. On campus, Raegan is also involved in the Jumpstart AmeriCorps program as a Team Leader, and the Communications Director of the Global Policy Institute. Over the summer, she interned at an immigration agency in South Korea. Raegan is from San Diego, California and loves to explore the outdoors.

Molly Miller (she/it) is a third-year student majoring in International Relations and the Global Economy. Molly is from Tempe, Arizona and has always been interested in how policy can shape interactions at the international level. Molly has had a strong focus on communications, qualifying twice to the National Speech and Debate Association’s National Tournament. Molly has also been involved in local politics, chairing an official commission of the City of Tempe. Molly is committed to encouraging active engagement with politics at all levels, local and international.

Layla MoheyEldin (she/her) is a senior double majoring in International Relations and Middle East Studies. Having grown up in Saudi Arabia, her areas of interest include neocolonialism and security studies as they relate to the Middle East, specifically the Gulf region. In addition, she is particularly interested in the way Western intervention has shaped the domestic politics and international interactions of various nations in the region, and how this dynamic has contributed to proxy conflicts and power struggles between competing rising powers in the Middle East. Layla is a research assistant with USC Near Crisis Project Africa and has also interned for WeVote, Humanitarian Aid International, and California State Assemblyman Josh Hoover.

Lucia Musacchi (she/her) is a sophomore majoring in economics on a pre-law track. An associated editor, she is interested in economic integration, international development, and human rights in Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa. Outside academics, she loves hiking and watching the interesting F1 Ferrari strategies.

Diya Panda (she/her) is a senior studying IRGB & Law. Her focus is human rights law and international affairs. The region she is most interested in is South Asia.
Mia Prange (she/her) is a senior double majoring in International Relations and Art History, and she has always had a passion for politics and global affairs. She is interested in reporting on issues such as women’s rights, LGBTQ+ movements, and the climate crisis, and on areas including Latin America and the Middle East. At USC, Mia is also involved with the Model UN team, the Southern California International Review, the Global Policy Institute, and the pre-law fraternity Phi Alpha Delta.
Ahn Ho (he/him) is a Junior studying Intelligence and Cyber Operations with a minor in Computer Programming. Having been raised in Indonesia, Ahn Ho’s primary areas of interest have grown to include the influence of religion and ethnicity on politics, government information security, and South East Asian foreign policy. Recreationally, Ahn Ho is an avid player of cue sports and PvP Tetris, and is also a member of the USC Brazilian Jiu Jitsu club.

Rudra Saigal (he/him) is third-year Presidential Scholar from Indore, India, double majoring in Economics and International Relations. Rudra is the Finance Chair and Senior Correspondent at Glimpse from the Globe. Outside of Glimpse, he serves as a Senator in USC’s Undergraduate Student Government and he is also the Founder and President of Students For South Asia, an identity-based advocacy and professional organization. He is also actively engaged with the Economics Association, Global Policy Institute, and Project RISHI. Rudra is deeply passionate about exploring the intersection between democracy and rural development in developing countries. He has worked with several nonprofits and government consulting firms in rural India. He plans to pursue a career in policy research, working with international development agencies after graduation.

Lawrence Sung (he/him) is a junior at the University of Southern California pursuing a major in International Relations (Global Business) and a minor in Management Consulting. His passion for global affairs stems from his annual summer trips to Southeast Asia to see his grandparents. Learning about the unique perspectives of the region and East Asia at large made him realize that he wanted a life where he could bridge countries together to foster mutual respect and understanding. Lawrence’s main topics of focus include East Asian affairs, international trade and development, and authoritarianism. He serves as the Co-Director of External Affairs at the USC Political Student Assembly, and works for Annenberg Media in various positions. Professionally, he has done market research as an analyst intern for LanciaConsult, a UK consulting firm in Singapore, and aims to make a career in the intersection of government and global marketing. Lawrence is also a college football fan, history nerd, Quentin Tarantino enthusiast, and loving brother to his autistic sibling. Glimpse from the Globe was Lawrence’s first community at USC, and he plans on continuing his contributions to the news organization through his multimedia skill set.
Johnson Wu (he/him) is currently a freshman from Vancouver, Canada studying International Relations and the Global Economy. At Glimpse, his interests include East Asian security, intercontinental trade, global surveillance, and nuclear politics — but he also looks forward to expanding his horizons regarding any new topics. In his free time, Johnson enjoys music, coaching debate, going to the gym, and spending time with his cats.

Daniel Kos (he/him) is a senior studying International Relations with minors in Latin American Studies and Law and Public Policy from San Francisco, California. He is interested in politics and economics in Latin America, especially income inequality and the region’s relations with the United States and China. Daniel is also a member of USC Delta Phi Epsilon Co-Ed Foreign Service Society. He is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish, and enjoys playing soccer and hiking in nature.