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Ruhi Ramesh

Ruhi is a senior majoring in International Relations Global Business and double minoring in Computer Science and Applied Analytics. She grew up in Saratoga, CA, but moved to Bangalore, India when she was 10. Having lived in two countries, she is fascinated by the different cultural experiences present in each society. She is passionate about sustainability and criminal justice reform in and hopes to be a lawyer. Ruhi is interested in examining the factors and consequences of conflict zones and hopes to learn more about the policy-making process.

Elena Zhai

Elena Zhai is a junior majoring in International Relations Global Economy and French. She is from Shanghai and is interested in the political and economic affairs of China. She studied aboard for a summer in France, during which she took classes on European history and policy making regarding the integration process of the European Union. On campus, she is also currently a member of Ascend USC. Her special area of interest includes human rights, economic policies as well as sustainable environment development.

Jamie Vang

Jamie Vang is currently a Progressive Degree Program (PDP) student at the University of Southern California (USC). She is simultaneously getting a BA in International Relations Global Business (IRGB) and a Master of Studies in Law (MSL) degree. She hopes to attend law school after completing both degrees in December 2021. Jamie is an avid watcher of documentaries and enjoys those that deal with social issues that are currently afflicting our world. She also enjoys traveling and has been to Italy, the United Kingdom, Thailand, Costa Rica, and Jamaica and wishes to continue to explore and experience the many cultures of the world.

Valerie Wu

Valerie Wu is a sophomore at the University of Southern California, where she intends to pursue a double major in Narrative Studies and Law, History, and Culture. Her academic and personal interests include comparative media and society, international law, and travel journalism. As an Asian American, she believes strongly in the importance of positive US-Asia relations and has conducted research on East Asian cultural diplomacy through Stanford University’s Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies. Outside of school, she enjoys writing commentary/reviews about the Chinese entertainment scene for Asia Pacific Arts.

Hannah Keenan

Hannah Keenan is junior majoring in International Relations Global Business and minoring in Chinese for the Professions. She was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Growing up in a part-Chinese family, she has always been fascinated by the Chinese language and have been studying it since high school. She loves learning about the financial and legal aspects of international affairs, which she hopes to pursue a career in someday. At USC, Hannah is a member of Delta Phi Epsilon Foreign Service Fraternity and Pi Beta Phi.

Madeleine Nations

Madeleine Nations is a junior majoring in Central European Studies with a minor in Cultural Diplomacy. She has grown up around the world and currently lives in Naples, Italy. Her degree focuses on the studies of Russia, Germany, and Poland. Madeleine’s interests in NATO, the European Union, and military alliances stem from her background in NROTC and growing up in a Navy family. On campus, she is involved with the Teaching International Relations Program and is a research assistant for the Center for Innovation on Veterans and Navy Families.

Rhondaya Fishburne

Rhondaya Fishburne is a junior studying International Relations. Rhondaya has interned for Congresswoman Carolyn B. Malony. She previously was an editor for the Social Justice Review through the Levan Institute for Humanities and Ethics, conducted research with an associate professor in the School of International Relations, and was a counselor for the university’s first student-led High School Leadership Conference. While interested in various fields of international affairs, she seeks to highlight social movements across the globe, as well as issues of climate and human rights, and U.S.-Africa policy.

Lauren Schulsohn

Lauren Schulsohn is a sophomore double majoring in theater with an emphasis on comedy and international relations. Lauren is from New York City and has always seen the impact foreign affairs can have on domestic issues and even communities in her area. Lauren wants to combine her interests in comedy and international relations to create meaningful social and political commentary. Since starting at USC, on-campus Lauren has joined the fencing club as the social chair and is a member of the Unruh Associates, a group dedicated to increasing civic engagement and bipartisan debate.

Erena Yoshida

Erena is a senior majoring in International Relations/Global Business and minoring in East Asian Languages and Cultures. Her interest in US-Japan relations stems from growing up in Hawaii and interning at an international law firm in Tokyo. During her study abroad in Rome, she had the opportunity to volunteer with asylum seekers and refugees at the Joel Nafuma Refugee Center. At USC, she is a part of the Trojan Debate Team and competes in tournaments nationwide. Her experiences abroad have helped to shape a global perspective and interests in economic and immigration policies.

Jake Wasserstein

Jake Wasserstein is a junior double majoring in International Relations Global Business and Spanish. Hailing from Middlebury, Connecticut, Jake first became interested in International Relations through traveling and experiencing other cultures. His area of interest lies in the intersection of business and global business. Jake has experience researching at the Institute of European Studies in Brussels, Belgium and EA Capital Markets in New York.

Noah Blackman

Noah is a senior double majoring in international relations and economics. He is passionate about topics ranging from international trade, human security and technology. In the past few summers, Noah has interned with the public affairs team at Fleishman Hillard Fishburn in London, England, working with clients to navigate the British political landscape, conducted field research across China with the USC East Asia Studies Center, analyzing marketing trend and business structures, and also interned with the Institute for Europeans Studies in Brussels, Belgium. Besides international affairs, Noah loves the Los Angeles Lakers, cooking with his friends, and personal fitness.

Anya Moturi

Anya Moturi is a junior majoring in Intelligence and Cyber Operations and minoring in Human Security and Geospatial Intelligence and Applied Analytics. Growing up in the culturally diverse Bay Area sparked her fascination with international relations, particularly in the way modern technology affects the ways countries interact and view security. She is also very interested in the economic and political situations in the Middle East and North Africa region of the world. On campus, she is the Philanthropy Chair for the Delta Phi Kappa sorority and a part of the USC Polo Team.

Luke Zapolski

Luke Zapolski is a senior majoring in Business Administration. Growing up in small-town Iowa, Luke has had numerous global professional experiences, having had internships in Shanghai, Bangkok, and Prague. This summer, Luke took part in Imperial Capital’s investment banking summer analyst program in their Los Angeles office. Luke is a member of the Trojan Investing Society and has been a lifeguard at USC for three years. Luke is interested in the intersection of finance and geopolitics, and how they shape policy making in emerging markets.

Andrea Chen

Andrea Chen is a sophomore majoring in Communication and minoring in Entrepreneurship through the USC Marshall School of Business. She is originally from North Carolina, but moved to Taiwan at age 10. She is interested in global economic and international affairs, and is interested in the intersection of politics and global current events. In her free time, she loves to dance, cook and watch movies.

Dariush Onsori

Dariush Onsori is a junior majoring in International Relations Global Business and minoring in Computer Science. Especially as an Iranian-American, foreign affairs and the nuances that shape them have always fascinated him. Dariush has previously interned in the French Parliament. In his free time, he enjoys being outdoors in nature as much as possible, exploring (and trying to make) music, and getting mad at my TV when the news is on!

Emily Lieberman

Emily Lieberman is a sophomore majoring in Political Science with a minor in Dance. Her research interests include foreign policy, international development, and environmental sustainability, especially within the humanitarian sector. On-campus, Emily is involved with the SPEC Lab conducting research in the emerging field of Education in Emergencies, with a focus on Sub-Saharan Africa. Additionally, she is an associate in the Center for the Political Future Unruh Associates and the vice president of USC’s Women’s Ultimate Frisbee team.

Anushka Sapra

Anushka Sapra is a senior majoring in International Relations and Political Economy from Bangalore, India. In Spring 2020, she was an Education Programming intern for the Obama Foundation in Washington D.C. and previously interned at the Joint US-China Collaboration for Clean Energy in Shanghai, China. On campus, Anushka serves as one of two Head Student Ambassadors at the USC Admission Center and a Research Assistant to Dr. Jeffrey Fields. She is interested in the intersection of ethics, national identity, and security, with a focus on nuclear weapons and previously served as a Research Fellow for the Levan Institute for Humanities and Ethics. Anushka currently interns with Ashoka, a social entrepreneurship nonprofit.

Myriam Alcala

Myriam Alcala is a freshman majoring in Journalism and Political Science. She has gained journalism and reporting experience through the Raider Review and the Daily Trojan. Myriam is am also involved in various grassroots organizations such as MFOL Colorado, Not My Generation, and the Period Policy; and she has gained an interest in international politics through both Model United Nations and Debate. Myriam looks forward to expanding her worldview and reporting on international news with Glimpse from the Globe.

Yoran Henzler

Yoran grew up in Munich to a German father and Moroccan-French mother before moving to London at the age of 9. Yoran’s education until the age of 14 was taught in French, despite never living in the country. 3 languages as well as 3 cultural backgrounds played interchangeably pivotal roles throughout his entire life. This has sparked his interest in international affairs. As a senior majoring in International Relations & Global Business, with a double minor in Economics and Sports Business, Yoran has a strong interest in international trade and commerce. In current times, his interest is sparked by the move away from a bipolar world, as well as the impact politics and international organizations will have on this.

Daniel Kos

Daniel Kos is a freshman studying International Relations with a minor in Latin American Studies from San Francisco, California. He is interested in politics and economics in Latin America, especially income inequality and the region’s trade relations with the United States and China. Daniel is a member of the USC Model UN team and is a Global Policy Institute (GPI) fellow. He is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish, and enjoys hiking in nature.

Nicholas Wong

Nicholas Wong is a freshman majoring in economics with a minor in International Relations. His academic interests include demographic transition and development economics, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa. Nicholas is passionate about disability advocacy, and previously served as the director of Helping Hands for Special Education, a nonprofit based in the San Francisco Bay Area. At USC, Nicholas is involved with the International Consulting Club and WorldMed. In his free time, Nicholas enjoys violin, cycling, rock climbing, and eating very salty food.

Ngai Yueng

Ngai was born and raised in Hong Kong, a curious fusion where the East meets the West. She also loves reading the news, all of which led her to study Journalism and International Relations and the Global Economy at USC. Having grown up there, Ngai is especially interested in the East Asia region, and is currently working on her Mandarin and Japanese. On campus, she also writes for Trojans 360, US-China Today, and the Global City desk at Annenberg Media.

Shreyas Pingle

Shreyas is a freshman coming from Dubai, UAE, and is double-majoring in International Relations and Economics, and minoring in screenwriting. He has previously worked with the youth-focused news outlet, Balance the Ballot, as a writer and editor, and is also starting his own editorial-focused website. On campus, Shreyas is involved with Model UN, the Trojan Investing Society, and more. His interests are primarily in Middle East and South American diplomacy, macroeconomic issues, and the United Nations, where he hopes to work someday.

Jacob Wisnik

Jacob Wisnik is a Sophomore majoring in International Relations Global Business. At 15 he lived in Breuillet, France with a host family for 10 months where his interest in exploring different cultures and languages began. Jacob spent his first year of college in Madrid, Spain continuing his education of intercultural relations firsthand. At USC Jacob hopes to utilize the resources of a large research institution to study international relations at a greater depth. Jacob is specifically interested in the global economy, transportation, infrastructure, and defense.

Bennet Rine

Bennett Rine is a junior studying International Relations. His specific interests are in the intersection of gender and global issues as well as human rights. At USC, he has volunteered with the Teaching International Relations Program, working with high school students in Los Angeles. Bennett is also a member of Delta Phi Epsilon, USC’s international relations and foreign service professional fraternity, and is a fellow at USC Global Policy Institute.

Emma Taylor

Emma is a senior studying International Relations and Applied Computer Security. Originally, Emma planned on studying Middle Eastern politics, however, a spring break trip to Russia during her freshman year radically altered the rest of her academic career. After studying abroad in St. Petersburg and interning for a Eurasia-focused firm in Washington, D.C., Emma wants to spend the rest of her life working on issues in the region. Most recently Emma interned in the Global Security division at Apple where she developed a greater understanding of the relationship between technology and international development.

Teya Hisel

Teya Hisel is a sophomore double majoring in Global Studies and Philosophy, Politics, and Law, with a minor in Psychology. She is from the Seattle, WA area, where she started her public service journey working for multiple non-profits during a gap year before attending USC. She has continued to pursue her passion for public service on campus as a consultant for SC Global Impact, a member of Novus Think Tank, and off campus as a Fellow for the United Way of Greater Los Angeles. Teya is interested in how politics affect the daily lives of people all over the world, and how those daily lives affect the political process, especially in areas of war and conflict.

Evelyn Zhang

Evelyn Zhang is currently a freshman majoring in International Relations Global Business. She grew up in Shanghai and Singapore, and having traveled to countries like Bhutan, Timor Leste, and Indonesia, she is interested in the political climate of South East Asia’s young countries. Through her work as a clinical assistant and service in Medical Explorers, she is passionate about health and education development. Outside of politics, Evelyn is an adamant sourdough bread baker and enjoys playing the cello.

Jalen Layfield

Jalen is a junior majoring in Middle East Studies with minors in Legal Studies and Computer & Digital Forensics. He is from Lawrenceville, Ga and his research interests include international development, political movements in the MENA region, and US Foregin Policy. On campus, Jalen is involved with the Residential Housing Association, SC’ Global Impact and JEP’s Pre-Law Program. In his free time he enjoys trying new recipes, binge watching tv and hiking.

Alicia Liu

Xiao Alicia Liu is a freshman currently majoring in Communication and minoring in International Relations. Alicia hails from China and attended high school in the United States, where she took French as her third language. At USC, Alicia is a staff writer at Daily Trojan and a member of the Trojan Debate Team. Her areas of interest include foreign policy, intercultural relations, and international organizations. She also hopes to combine her academic interests by studying media impacts on a global scale.

Emily Morris

Emily Morris is a sophomore studying International Relations and English with a minor in Spanish. She is especially interested in international environmental and sustainability policy, as well as global social movements and cultural exchange. On campus, Emily is conducting research with the Unruh Center for the Political Future and a member of Delta Phi Epsilon. Originally from Dallas, Texas, her interests include food (both cooking and eating), reading, and traveling.

Elena Polo

Elena Polo is a freshman majoring in International Relations. She grew up in central Mexico and moved to the United States when she was nine. Having thus far lived in two countries her interest in international affairs and globalization stems from a comparative point of view. Her main areas of interest are human rights, as well as foreign and climate policy.

Anton Burton

Anton is a junior majoring in International Relations and the Global Economy. He grew up in the industrial city of Chelyabinsk, Russia, and has spent his life between Russia and America. His interests lie in exploring domestic politics and their effects on international relations, economics or capital flow. Experience in showcasing the intersections of Eastern European politics, human rights and economic development are drawn from his time as a volunteer for human rights organizations in Russia, Interning for Senator Amy Klobuchar, and as a speaker for clubs of the Russian expat or first generation student communities. Before transferring to USC, Anton spent last fall working in Iceland and Rome and is a big European soccer fan.