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Glimpse from the Globe is a student-run international affairs digital publication led and managed by our President, Editor-in-Chief, Vice-President, Managing Editors, Associate Editors, Outreach Director, Assistant Outreach Director, Multimedia Director, Podcast Director, Social Media Director, Design Director, and staff of junior and senior writers. Our publication is published out of the University of Southern California, in collaboration with USC’s School of International Relations.

Lauren Schulsohn


Lauren Schulsohn is a junior double majoring in theater with an emphasis on comedy and international relations. Lauren is from New York City and has always seen the impact foreign affairs can have on domestic issues and even communities in her area. Lauren wants to combine her interests in comedy and international relations to create meaningful social and political commentary. On-campus at USC, Lauren has joined the fencing club as the treasurer and is a member of the Unruh Associates, a group dedicated to increasing civic engagement and bipartisan debate. She is a representative of USC as a Dornsife Ambassador and has interned with Unsugarcoated Media as a staff writer. In her free time, she is an avid piano player, a stand-up comedian, and a practicing magician.



Kirian Mischke-Reeds


Kirian Mischke-Reeds is a senior majoring in International Relations and the Global Economy with a minor in Environmental Studies. Growing up to a German-Spanish mother and an American father in the Bay Area inspired Kirian to study international issues, focusing particularly on European foreign policy and the global climate change regime. This past summer, he interned at Climate XChange, doing research on North Carolina’s climate policy. On campus, Kirian is a member of the Delta Phi Epsilon Foreign Service Fraternity and is a fellow at the Global Policy Institute.



Mia Speier


Mia Speier is a senior majoring in International Relations and minoring in Law and Public Policy from Los Angeles. In Spring 2020, she was a Max Kampelman Fellow at the U.S. Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe in Washington D.C. and previously interned at REVOLVE Media, a communication firm in Brussels, Belgium focused on European sustainability. On campus, Mia serves as the Communication Director and a Research Fellow for the USC Global Policy Institute, is an Assistant Editor for the Southern California International Review, and conducted immigration research for the Security and Political Economy Lab. She has a passion for journalism and previously served as the News Editor for the Daily Trojan for over a year and as the International Desk Editor at Annenberg Media. You can also find Mia walking backwards as a Tour Guide for the Office of Admission. Mia currently interns with the U.S. Agency for Global Media and is passionate about transatlantic relations, security studies and news media.



Jacob Wisnik
Finance Chair


Jacob Wisnik is a junior majoring in International Relations Global Business. At 15 he lived in Breuillet, France with a host family for 10 months where his interest in exploring different cultures and languages began. Jacob spent his first year of college in Madrid, Spain continuing his education of intercultural relations firsthand. At USC Jacob hopes to utilize the resources of a large research institution to study international relations at a greater depth. Jacob is specifically interested in the global economy, transportation, infrastructure, and defense.

Krishni Satchi
Managing Editor


Krishni Satchi is a junior studying Global Health and minoring in Psychology and Law. She is deeply passionate about the intersections between international relations and medicine. In writing for Glimpse, she seeks to find and highlight global health and human rights-related issues. As a student at USC, she also works within the Health Sciences Education Program and conducts research with the USC Institute for Inequities in Global Health.



Ishani Desai
Outreach Director


Ishani Desai is a Presidential Scholar senior majoring in Economics-Mathematics and minoring in Applied Analytics. In 2019, Ishani worked at a DDC Public Affairs, a public affairs and lobbying consulting firm in Washington D.C, leveraging her data analytics background to optimize client campaigns for public advocacy across a variety of industries. This past summer, Ishani worked for the Industry Charitable Foundation as a Financial Analyst and Project Management Intern, presenting models to determine budget allocation for grants and fundraising for philanthropic endeavors. Aside from her work experience, on-campus, Ishani is involved in multiple research labs: the Lab on Non-Democratic Politics and the Climate Collaboratory to help enhance knowledge on critical international issues. She also volunteers for an organization, Eye to Eye, at a local LA charter school, mentoring and doing arts and crafts activities with children that have learning disabilities. In her free time, Ishani loves to volunteer, read, sketch and paint, go on walks with her family and friends, listen to music, cook/bake and play volleyball.



Carmen Santiago-Urbauer
Managing Editor


Carmen Santiago-Urbauer is a senior at the University of Southern California majoring in French and International Relations and the Global Economy while following a pre-law track. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, she is especially interested in the economic and social development of countries with a colonial history. She is a native Spanish speaker and currently studying French, expanding her interests to the relations of french-speaking countries in Africa and Europe. She is particularly excited to explore the intersection of international relations and law in her writing. She also hopes to highlight the innovation and expertise of specific countries.



Sumaya Hussaini
Managing Editor


Sumaya Hussaini is a senior pursuing a Master of Public Diplomacy, majoring in Political Science, and minoring in International Relations. She is currently interning for the First Committee on Disarmament and International Security at the Permanent Mission of Afghanistan to the United Nations. On campus, Sumaya serves as team lead of the Education, Conflict, & Aid Allocation project for the Security and Political Economy Lab and has previously interned under the USC Center for Political Future. Her areas of interest include foreign policy, sustainable development, and human rights.



Sangeeta Kishore
Managing Editor


Sangeeta Kishore is a junior majoring in International Relations (Global Business) with a minor in French from Princeton, NJ. She is particularly passionate about international law, economic development, and human rights. On campus, Sangeeta is a member of the Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity and serves as the Director of Communications for the Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society. She previously was the Assistant Director of Elections and Recruitment for USC Undergraduate Student Government and was a Teaching International Relations Program mentor. 



Mia Prange
Social Chair





Hannah Keenan
Associate Editor


Hannah Keenan is senior majoring in International Relations Global Business and minoring in Chinese for the Professions. She was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Growing up in a part-Chinese family, she has always been fascinated by the Chinese language and have been studying it since high school. She loves learning about the financial and legal aspects of international affairs, which she hopes to pursue a career in someday. At USC, Hannah is a member of Delta Phi Epsilon Foreign Service Fraternity and Pi Beta Phi.



Emily Morris
Associate Editor


Emily Morris is a junior studying International Relations and English with a minor in Spanish. She is especially interested in international environmental and sustainability policy, as well as global social movements and cultural exchange. On campus, Emily is conducting research with the Unruh Center for the Political Future and a member of Delta Phi Epsilon. Originally from Dallas, Texas, her interests include food (both cooking and eating), reading, and traveling.



Teya Hisel
Multimedia Director


Teya Hisel is a junior double majoring in Global Studies and Philosophy, Politics, and Law, with a minor in Psychology. She is from the Seattle, WA area, where she started her public service journey working for multiple non-profits during a gap year before attending USC. She has continued to pursue her passion for public service on campus as a consultant for SC Global Impact, a member of Novus Think Tank, and off campus as a Fellow for the United Way of Greater Los Angeles. Teya is interested in how politics affect the daily lives of people all over the world, and how those daily lives affect the political process, especially in areas of war and conflict.



Aidan Martin
Assistant Outreach Director





Valerie Wu
Publishing Chair and Associate Editor


Valerie Wu is a junior at the University of Southern California, where she is pursuing a double major in Narrative Studies and Law, History, and Culture, as well as a minor in Cinematic Arts. At Glimpse she specializes in analyzing global arts/entertainment, cultural diplomacy, and the Asia-Pacific region. Outside of Glimpse, she serves as a resident film critic at the Daily Trojan and previously conceptualized and wrote “Soft Power,” a biweekly column about transnational popular culture in relation to Chinese American identity. Originally from the Bay Area, she enjoys exploring Los Angeles and in particular, eating out at restaurants in the San Gabriel Valley.



Emily Lieberman
Associate Editor


Emily Lieberman is a junior majoring in Political Science with a minor in Dance. Her research interests include foreign policy, international development, and environmental sustainability, especially within the humanitarian sector. On-campus, Emily is involved with the SPEC Lab conducting research in the emerging field of Education in Emergencies, with a focus on Sub-Saharan Africa. Additionally, she is an associate in the Center for the Political Future Unruh Associates and the vice president of USC’s Women’s Ultimate Frisbee team.



Anya Motouri
Associate Editor


Anya Moturi is a senior majoring in Intelligence and Cyber Operations and minoring in Human Security and Geospatial Intelligence and Applied Analytics. Growing up in the culturally diverse Bay Area sparked her fascination with international relations, particularly in the way modern technology affects the ways countries interact and view security. She is also very interested in the economic and political situations in the Middle East and North Africa region of the world. On campus, she is the Philanthropy Chair for the Delta Phi Kappa sorority and a part of the USC Polo Team.



Cameron Melillo
Podcast Director





Sasha Benke
Social Media Director





Evelyn Zhang
Design Director





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Abigail Becker, President, 2015-16

J.T. Blakely, Webmaster; Writer, 2014-16

Alec Hively, Writer, 2016

Claire Cahoon, Writer, 2015-16

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Justine Breuch, Writer, 2014-15

Sofie Roehrig, Writer, 2015

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Gesine Holtmann, Writer, 2016-17

Spencer Slagowitz, Writer, 2016-17

Jong Su Kim, Writer, 2016-17

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Ashlyn Elliot, Writer, 2018-19

Stuart Caron, Writer, 2018-19

Steve Literati, Writer, 2018-19

Amartya Ranganathan, Writer, 2018-19

Kendal Gee, Writer, 2018-19

Ciara Taylor, Writer, 2018-19

Henry Algert, Writer, 2018-19

Kevin Fry, Writer, 2019-20

Ananya Anand, Writer, 2019-20

Max Haskell, President, 2019-21

Maya Diab, Design Director, 2020-21

Yoran Henzler, Writer, 2020-21

Emma Taylor, Writer, 2020-21

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Ruhi Ramesh, Writer, 2020-21

Noah Blackman, Writer, 2020-21

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