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Glimpse from the Globe is always seeking pieces from talented individuals from across the world. Glimpse primarily accepts 500-1000 word submissions, although we do accept longer pieces such as policy papers and creative works such as photo essays. If you are interested in submitting a piece for consideration, please click the link to the submission form below. If your piece is accepted for publication, you will be contacted by an editor. In addition, if your work is deemed to be particularly impressive, you may also be contacted to begin the application process for a potential full-time Correspondent opportunity.

Before submitting to Glimpse from the Globe, please consider the following:

  • Read our content to get a sense of our style and topics covered.
  • An ideal submission considers a timely or timeless topic and answers the question: “What is the issue at hand, and why does it matter to the world?”
  • Provide evidence-based analysis with hyperlinked/cited sources.
  • Do not use “we” or “our”. Glimpse is an international relations paper and prides itself on having an international outlook and audience.
  • Use conventional and professional formatting.
  • Include your name, email and a brief professional bio along with your submission.

Please allow the editorial team 2-3 business days to review your submission. Glimpse retains the right to publish or reject guest submissions at the editorial team’s discretion. If your piece is selected for submission, you will be contacted by the editorial team for next steps. All articles may be subject to edits and revisions.

Before submitting, please review the Glimpse From the Globe Style Guide and AP Style Guide to make sure your article fits our guidelines.