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Glimpse from the Globe is a student-run international affairs digital publication led and managed by our Editor-in-Chief, President, Associate Editors, Social Media Coordinator and staff of correspondents. Our publication is published out of the University of Southern California, in collaboration with USC’s School of International Relations.

Mia Speier
— Editor-in-Chief —

Mia Speier is a junior majoring in International Relations and minoring in Law and Public Policy from Los Angeles. In Spring 2020, she was a Max Kampelman Fellow at the U.S. Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe in Washington D.C. and previously interned at REVOLVE Media, a communication firm in Brussels, Belgium focused on European sustainability. On campus, Mia serves as the Communication Director and a Research Fellow for the USC Global Policy Institute, is an Assistant Editor for the Southern California International Review, and conducted immigration research for the Security and Political Economy Lab. She has a passion for journalism and previously served as the News Editor for the Daily Trojan for over a year and as the International Desk Editor at Annenberg Media. You can also find Mia walking backwards as a Tour Guide for the Office of Admission. Mia currently interns with the U.S. Agency for Global Media and is passionate about transatlantic relations, security studies and news media.


Maxim Haskell
— President —

Maxim Haskell is a senior at the University of Southern California majoring in International Relations and minoring in Law and Public Policy. Maxim has experience working on foreign trade for the European Centre for International Political Economy in Brussels, Belgium, strategic legislative coordination on Capitol Hill, and strategic communications for public relations firm Finsbury. On campus, he served as an assistant opinion editor for the Daily Trojan, studied at the Institute for European Studies in Brussels and was a former member of USC’s Model United Nations team. Maxim is interested in international development, the intersection of political economy and culture. In addition to a regional focus on Eurasia, Maxim’s is enthusiastic about all contemporary global affairs.


Ishani Desai
— Director of Outreach —

Ishani Desai is a junior majoring in Economics/Mathematics and minoring in Applied Analytics. She has served as Outreach Director since her sophomore year. Last summer, Ishani worked at a DDC Public Affairs, a firm in Washington D.C. that focuses on helping industrial and private or public company clients gain traction in campaigns. Ishani currently works for the Industry Charitable Foundation as a Project Management Intern, hoping to gain exposure to risk analysis. Aside from her internship, Ishani is involved in multiple research labs: the Lab on Non-Democratic Politics and the Climate Collaboratory. In her free time, Ishani loves to volunteer, read, sketch and paint, go on walks with her family and friends, listen to music, cook/bake and play volleyball.


Alex Habumugisha
— Associate Editor —

Alex Habumugisha is a queer and non-binary senior double majoring in Philosophy, Politics and Law and Political Science. They are from Rwanda and pursuing a progressive degree in Philosophy and Law. They are involved in a number of organizations on campus. They are particularly passionate about LGBTQ+ issues, environment and sustainable development, and the African continent. Having humanitarian parents and participating in Model UN conferences in high school drove their interest in international relations. After graduation, Alex hopes to pursue a JD/PhD and work as an international human rights attorney. They speak 8 languages and are an avid reader.


Krishni Satchi
— Associate Editor —

Krishni Satchi is a rising sophomore studying Global Health and minoring in Psychology and Law. She is deeply passionate about the intersections between international relations and medicine. In writing for Glimpse, she seeks to find and highlight global health and human rights-related issues. As a student at USC, she also works within the Health Sciences Education Program and conducts research with the USC Institute for Inequities in Global Health.



Glimpse from the Globe’s alumni network spans the globe. Our alumni go on to pursue careers in foreign affairs, journalism and media, law, communication, business and more. View our alumni network below:

Taline Gettas, Co-Founder of Glimpse from the Globe, 2010-13
Samir Kumar, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief, 2012-13
Reid Lidow, Content Editor, 2013-14
Alessandro Sassoon, Media and Content Manager, 2013-14
Nick Kosturos, President, 2014-15
Thomas Armstrong
, Editor-In-Chief, 2014-15
Rojine Ariani, Correspondent, 2013-14
Kerry Collins, Correspondent, 2013-14
Sydney Stockus, Correspondent, 2013-14
Jessica Agostinelli, Correspondent, 2014-15
Loudanni Chen, Correspondent, 2014-15
Jeff Grimes, Correspondent, 2014-15
Nathaniel Haas, Correspondent, 2014-15
Elizabeth Peabody, Correspondent, 2014-15
Nitya Ramanathan, Correspondent, 2014-15
Erin Wong, Correspondent, 2014-15
Ben Jury, Correspondent, 2014-15
Dan Morgan-Russell, Correspondent, 2015
Wang Xiaojie, Correspondent, 2014-15
Jason Tse, Correspondent, 2014-16
Hanna Jolkovsky, Correspondent, 2015-16
Anbar Aizenman, Correspondent, 2015-16
Isabella Soehn, Editor-In-Chief, 2015-16
Abigail Becker, President, 2015-16
J.T. Blakely, Webmaster; Correspondent, 2014-16
Alec Hively, Correspondent, 2016
Claire Cahoon, Correspondent, 2015-16
Edoardo Del Vecchio, Correspondent, 2016
Justine Breuch, Correspondent, 2014-15
Sofie Roehrig, Correspondent, 2015
Jack Anderson, Correspondent, 2015-2016
Max Hill, Correspondent, 2015
Jeff Levine, Correspondent, 2015-16
Kenneth Lee, Correspondent, 2015-16
Jacqueline Teobaldi, Correspondent, 2016-17
Brandon Whitehill, Correspondent, 2015-16
Erum Jaffrey, Correspondent, 2015-16
Kara Junttila, Correspondent, 2015-16
Caroline Chen, Correspondent, 2015-16
Alma Velazquez, Correspondent, 2016-17

Andre Gray, Editor-In-Chief, 2016-17
Kshitij Kumar, President, 2016-17
Steve Helmeci, Correspondent, 2016-17
Gesine Holtmann, Correspondent, 2016-17
Spencer Slagowitz, Correspondent, 2016-17
Jong Su Kim, Correspondent, 2016-17
Lyndon Chang, Correspondent, 2016-17
Tess Murray, President, 2017-18
Katya Lopatko, Editor-in-Chief, 2017-18
Jenna Mazza, President, 2018-19
Rebecca Cheng, Editor-in-Chief, 2018-19
Matthew McDonell, Webmaster; Correspondent, 2018-19
Brendan Moreyl, Correspondent, 2018-19
Ashlyn Elliot, Correspondent, 2018-19
Stuart Carson, Correspondent, 2018-19
Steve Literati, Correspondent, 2018-19
Amartya Ranganathan, Correspondent, 2018-19
Kendal Gee, Correspondent, 2018-19
Ciara Taylor, Correspondent, 2018-19
Henry Algert, Correspondent, 2018-19
Kevin Fry, Correspondent, 2019-20
Ananya Anand, Correspondent, 2019-20