Glimpse from the Globe is a student-run publication led and managed by an Editor-in-chief, a President, two Associate Editors, and a staff of Correspondents from universities around the world.

Natalia Smith
Associate Editor
Natalia Smith is a senior at the University of Southern California double majoring in International Relations and NGOs and Social Change. She is interested in foreign affairs, domestic policy and Law. Outside of her studies, Natalia is on the e-board of USC’s Troy Camp, interns at ... Read More
Leia Wang
Leia Wang is a senior in the World Bachelor in Business, a program in which she will earn three degrees from the University of Southern California, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and the Universita Commerciale Luigi Bocconi. Over the past few years, she has consulted for CIEDS, the fifth largest NGO ... Read More
Srividya Dasaraju
Editor in Chief
Srividya Dasaraju is a senior majoring in International Relations. Her academic interests include security and terrorism studies, international law, and the politics of climate change. Last summer Srividya interned for Senate Minority Chuck Schumer in DC. On campus, she is on the Trojan Policy Debate Team, a ... Read More
Yevgeniya Gilmore
Staff Correspondent
Yevgeniya Gilmore is a senior majoring in International Relations Global Business and East Asian Languages and Cultures. She has spent two summers abroad studying Mandarin Chinese through the U.S. Department of State National Security Language Initiative for Youth program and the Critical Language... Read More
Erin Pineda
Erin Pineda is a USC senior studying International Relations. As a Boren Scholar, she studied Portuguese in Brazil and she recently researched Venezuelan immigration into Peru at the Universidad del Pacifico in Lima. Her research interests include Latin American politics, immigration policy, and economic development... Read More
Ishani Desai
Director of Outreach
Ishani Desai is a Presidential Scholar sophomore majoring in Economics/Mathematics and minoring in Applied Analytics. Her hometown is Yorba Linda of Orange County in Southern California. Besides being the Outreach Director of Glimpse, Ishani is the co-director of the Academic Committee of the Trojan... Ishani Desai




Taline Gettas, Co-Founder of Glimpse from the Globe, 2010-13
Samir Kumar, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief, 2012-13
Reid Lidow, Content Editor, 2013-14
Alessandro Sassoon, Media and Content Manager, 2013-14; Correspondent, 2014
Nick Kosturos, President, 2014-15
Thomas Armstrong
, Editor-In-Chief, 2014-15
Rojine Ariani, Correspondent, 2013-14
Kerry Collins, Correspondent, 2013-14
Sydney Stockus, Correspondent, 2013-14
Jessica Agostinelli, Correspondent, 2014-15
Loudanni Chen, Correspondent, 2014-15
Jeff Grimes, Correspondent, 2014-15
Nathaniel Haas, Correspondent, 2014-15
Elizabeth Peabody, Correspondent, 2014-15
Nitya Ramanathan, Correspondent, 2014-15
Erin Wong, Correspondent, 2014-15
Ben Jury, Correspondent, 2014-15
Dan Morgan-Russell, Correspondent, 2015
Wang Xiaojie, Correspondent, 2014-15
Jason Tse, Correspondent, 2014-16
Hanna Jolkovsky, Correspondent, 2015-16
Anbar Aizenman, Correspondent, 2015-16
Isabella Soehn, Editor-In-Chief, 2015-16
Abigail Becker, President, 2015-16
J.T. Blakely, Webmaster; Correspondent, 2014-16
Alec Hively, Correspondent, 2016
Claire Cahoon, Correspondent, 2015-16
Edoardo Del Vecchio, Correspondent, 2016
Justine Breuch, Correspondent, 2014-15
Sofie Roehrig, Correspondent, 2015
Jack Anderson, Correspondent, 2015-2016
Max Hill, Correspondent, 2015
Jeff Levine, Correspondent, 2015-16
Kenneth Lee, Correspondent, 2015-16
Jacqueline Teobaldi, Correspondent, 2016-17
Brandon Whitehill, Correspondent, 2015-16
Erum Jaffrey, Correspondent, 2015-16
Kara Junttila, Correspondent, 2015-16
Caroline Chen, Correspondent, 2015-16
Alma Velazquez, Correspondent, 2016-17
Andre Gray, Editor-In-Chief, 2016-17
Kshitij Kumar, President, 2016-17
Steve Helmeci, Correspondent, 2016-17
Gesine Holtmann, Correspondent, 2016-17
Spencer Slagowitz, Correspondent, 2016-17
Jong Su Kim, Correspondent, 2016-17
Lyndon Chang, Correspondent, 2016-17
Tess Murray, President, 2017-18
Katya Lopatko, Editor-in-Chief, 2017-18
Jenna Mazza, President, 2018-19
Rebecca Cheng, Editor-in-Chief, 2018-19
Matthew McDonell, Webmaster; Correspondent, 2018-19
Brendan Moreyl, Correspondent, 2018-19
Ashlyn Elliot, Correspondent, 2018-19
Stuart Carson, Correspondent, 2018-19
Steve Literati, Correspondent, 2018-19
Amartya Ranganathan, Correspondent, 2018-19
Kendal Gee, Correspondent, 2018-19
Ciara Taylor, Correspondent, 2018-19
Henry Algert, Correspondent, 2018-19