Luke Phillips
Senior Correspondent
Luke Phillips is a political activist and writer in California state politics. His work has been published in a variety of publications, including Fox&Hounds, NewGeography, and The American Interest. Luke is a Senior Correspondent at Glimpse From the Globe, a ...Read More

Caroline Chen
Staff Correspondent
Caroline Chen is a sophomore pursuing degrees in Economics and International Relations with a minor in Political Science at the University of Southern California. She has lived and studied abroad in China, Thailand, Turkey, South Africa and the Netherlands, and also speaks Mandarin and French ...Read More
Erum Jaffrey
Staff Correspondent
Erum Jaffrey is a junior International Relations major at the University of Southern California. Erum has experience working in film, radio and television and hopes to bring a voice for underrepresented minority women in the news media. She is passionate about South Asian and Middle Eastern diaspora studies, human rights, and ...Read More
Kara Junttila
Staff Correspondent
Kara Junttila is a double major in International Relations and Political Economy at the University of Southern California. She has interned at the Stimson Center’s Managing Across Boundaries initiative conducting research on transnational security issues such as chemical weapons proliferation, illicit trade, and ...Read More
Katya Lopatko
Staff Correspondent
Katya Lopatko is in her sophomore year at USC studying International Relations, Marketing and French. Her primary interests within the field of International Relations include the European and Latin American regions, global political economy and sociocultural phenomena such as nationalism and xenophobia. Katya is fluent in ...Read More
Tess Murray
Staff Correspondent
Tess Murray is a sophomore majoring in International Relations and Global Business and minoring in Accounting at the University of Southern California. Tess has spent time in Madrid, Spain and Beijing, China studying different educational systems. Tess’ research interests include ...Read More
Brandon Whitehill
Staff Correspondent
Brandon Whitehill is a junior at the George Washington University majoring in International Affairs and Economics with a minor in Statistics. His interests include US foreign policy, international finance and trade, and econometric modeling. He currently interns for the Simon Chair in ...Read More

Miles Malley
Junior Correspondent
Miles Malley is an International Relations major at the University of Southern California, with minors in Political Science and French. His primary research interests include American foreign policy, specifically in the Middle East, geopolitics, and the ever-expanding role of nuclear weapons in international security. In 2016... Read More
Rebecca Cheng
Junior Correspondent
Rebecca Cheng is a sophomore studying International Relations at the University of Southern California. She is an officer and writer for the USC US-China Institute's magazine US-China Today, and she works as a communication intern for the USC Center for Religious and Civic Culture. In her free time, she is involved in... Read More
Zoie Petrakis
Junior Correspondent
Zoie Petrakis is studying Classics, International Relations, and Spanish at the University of Southern California and is currently in her second year. She is half Greek and half American and has spent time living and going to school in both countries. She is involved in Model United Nations, the International Relations... Read More
Cyrus Khandalavala
Junior Correspondent
Cyrus Khandalavala is a sophomore at USC majoring in International Relations and the Global Economy. His academic interests include development theory, international finance, and institutional reform, as well as medical and economic anthropology. Cyrus' overall aim is to write thoughtfully and comprehensively about globally-entangled issues... Read More
Katerina Fomichev
Junior Correspondent
Katerina Fomichev is an International Relations and Environmental Studies double major at the University of Southern California. She has traveled to over twenty countries, most of which are in Europe developing a deep love for that region of the world. For her senior project in high school she traveled to Italy for a month researching food standards and... Read More
Leia Wang
Junior Correspondent
Leia Wang is a freshman in the World Bachelor in Business, a program in which she will earn three degrees from the University of Southern California, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and the Universita Commerciale Luigi Bocconi. In the past four years, she has volunteered in and visited over fifteen countries in six continents... Read More
Alex Waggoner
Junior Correspondent
Alex WaggonerBorn and raised in Seattle, WA, Alex has been reading history and global news since he was a young kid. For a long time, Alex has been looking for an opportunity to write and evaluate problems and events that occur on the international stage, and is very excited that Glimpse has given him this opportunity to do so... Read More
Eric Drymer
Junior Correspondent
Eric Drymer is an incoming senior majoring in International Relations and Global Business with an emphasis on International Financial Management and a minor in Business Entrepreneurship at the University of Southern California. Eric’s research interests center on European security studies and global finance as well as the... Read More
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