Katerina Formichev
Senior Correspondent
Katerina Fomichev is an International Relations and Environmental Studies double major at the University of Southern California. She has traveled to over twenty countries, most of which are in Europe developing a deep love for that region of the world. For her senior project in high school she traveled to Italy for a month researching food standards and... Read More

Cyrus Khandalavala
Junior Correspondent
Cyrus Khandalavala is a sophomore at USC majoring in International Relations and the Global Economy. His academic interests include development theory, international finance, and institutional reform, as well as medical and economic anthropology. Cyrus' overall aim is to write thoughtfully and comprehensively about globally-entangled issues... Read More
Alex Waggoner
Junior Correspondent
Alex Waggoner is a Seattle, WA native. Alex has been reading history and global news since he was a young kid. For a long time, Alex has been looking for an opportunity to write and evaluate problems and events that occur on the international stage, and is very excited that Glimpse has given him this opportunity to do so... Read More
Sumin Kim
Junior Correspondent
Sumin Kim is a junior majoring in International Relations and the Global Economy and minoring in Behavioral Economics at the University of Southern California. Sumin attended Chinese public high school when she lived in Beijing, China and she speaks fluent Korean, English and Chinese. Her research interests include... Read More
Maddie Walsh
Junior Correspondent
Maddie Walsh is a sophomore majoring in International Relations and double minoring in Spanish and communications design at USC. Her freshman year, Maddie participated in a number of service learning programs, including Los Feliz en Español and the Joint Educational Project. Maddie also was a part of the Near Crisis Project, an undergraduate...Read More
Emi Daley
Junior Correspondent
Emi Daley is a junior at UCLA studying Political Science, Anthropology, and French. Along with Glimpse, she writes for the Daily Bruin, is the senior intern at the Los Angeles World Affairs Council, and has worked on the U.S. State Department’s Adopt a U.S. Embassy Program. Daley grew up as a military brat around the Pacific and spent some time in Germany. Her first language is Japanese and... Read More
Srividya Dasaraju
Junior Correspondent
Srividya Dasaraju is a sophomore majoring in International Relations. Her academic interests include security and terrorism studies, international law, and the politics of climate change. Last summer Srividya interned for Senate Minority Chuck Schumer in DC. On campus, she is on the Trojan Policy Debate Team, a student associate at the Unruh Institute, an associate editor for the Journal of Law and... Read More
Ciara Taylor
Junior Correspondent
Ciara Taylor is a junior studying Middle East Studies and International Relations. She has studied Arabic since high school and spent the past summer in Jordan through the State Department's Critical Language Scholarship. Her primary research interests include security and foreign policy issues in the Middle East, and is also passionate about the challenges facing refugees throughout the region. At USC, Ciara... Read More
Olivia Salberg
Junior Correspondent
Olivia Salberg is a junior studying International Relations and Economics. She is involved in Model United Nations, Troy Camp, and Society 53, organizations that strengthen her public speaking and debate skills, allow her to engage in community service, and afford her the chance to be a leader amongst USC students. Olivia is fascinated by water politics, specifically in the Middle East, because she sees scarcity of... Read More
Ashlyn Elliott
Junior Correspondent
Ashlyn Elliott is a sophomore at the University of Southern California double majoring in International Relations and History. Ashlyn is interested in foreign affairs, particularly military security and diplomacy in the Middle East, the United States, and Eastern Europe. Outside of her studies, Ashlyn is on the e-board of the John Quincy Adams Society and the Young Americans for Freedom and enjoys volunteering at a local German... Read More
Stuart Carson
Junior Correspondent
Stuart Carson is a sophomore studying International Relations and Political Science at the University of Southern California. At the university, he intends to focus on the global economy, and has written for several USC publications, including the Daily Trojan and US-China Today. He has travelled extensively.... Read More
Joshua An
Junior Correspondent
Joshua An is a rising sophomore currently majoring in Communication and International Relations at the University of Southern California. As a Korean-American, he's interested in East Asian politics as well as foreign policy. An avid sports fan, he's also been the beat writer for USC's beach volleyball and spring football team.... Read More
Steve Literati IV
Junior Correspondent
"Steve Literati IV is New Jersey native and Masters student in the East Asian Society and Culture department focusing on North/South Korea, and East Asians-US regional and international relations."
Amartya Ranganathan
Junior Correspondent
Amartya Ranganathan is a freshman at the University of Southern California, majoring in Economics/Mathematics. He is passionate about foreign affairs, with his greatest interest being economic development in Asia and South America. Prior to college, he fostered his interest by volunteering on his local community’s Youth Advisory Board. After coming to campus, he became part of Trojan Investing Society and Applied Statistics Club, and is excited to explore how financial policy impacts sustainable development. When writing for Glimpse from the Globe, he hopes to highlight events and issues in... Read More
Ishani Desai
Junior Correspondent
Ishani Desai is a freshman at the University of Southern California, majoring in Econ/Math and interested in double minoring in International Policy/Management and Applied Analytics. Fluent in Gujarati, Hindi, and Spanish, Ishani's current areas of interest include India and Latin America, researching international crises in developing countries, such as the ongoing economic turmoil in Venezuela, and analyzing economic situations from a quantitative perspective. Ishani hopes to work for the UN someday as a lawyer, working extensively with organizations such as the WTO in negotiating trade treaties and... Read More


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