Carmen Santiago-Urbauer
Carmen Santiago-Urbauer is a sophomore at the University of Southern California majoring in French and International Relations and the Global Economy, while following a pre-law track. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, she is especially interested in... Read More
Helen Williams
Heleln Williams is a junior at USC, majoring in Environmental Studies and International Relations. Last summer, she interned at the Institute for European Studies in Brussels, Belgium, where she worked on a citizen-based sustainable energy research project. Upon returning to LA, she worked as a development... Read More
Isabelle Nazha
Isabelle Nazha is a senior at the University of Southern California studying International Relations and French. Her academic interests include human rights, international law, and conflict studies. Outside of Glimpse, Isabelle is a member of Delta Phi Epsilon Foreign Service Fraternity, Unruh Associates ... Read More
Jenna Mazza
Jenna Mazza is a senior double majoring in International Relations and Spanish with a focus on human rights at the University of Southern California. Her research interests include European foreign policy and social justice issues, and especially international human rights. Based on her summers studying immigration... Read More
Elena Zhai
Elena Zhai is a sophomore majoring in both International Relations Global Economy and French at the University of Southern California. She is from China, Shanghai and is particularly interested in political and economic affairs of China. She has studied aboard for a summer in France participating in the Paris summer program by School of international Relations. During which she took classes on European history and policy making regarding the integration process of the European Union. On campus, she is also currently a member of Ascend USC Chapter. Her special area of interest includes human rights, economic policies as well as sustainable environment development. Read More
Sophia Kim
Sophia Kim is a senior majoring in Law, History and Culture and double minoring in International Relations and Psychology. This past summer Sophia studied abroad in Valencia, Spain, researching citizenship and migration in international politics. She has also previously studied abroad in Bogotá, researching conflict and peacebuilding in Colombia. Outside of her studies she is participating in TIRP (Teaching International Relations Program) at USC, as well as interning for the Asia Society of Southern California. Read More
Ananya Anand
Ananya Anand is a senior majoring in International Relations and Global Business with a focus on financial management and a minor in Economics. Born and raised in New Delhi, India, she has always been curious to learn about how to world works, which is why she has seized opportunities to travel while learning. Last summer she spent her summer doing a Maymester in Tokyo studying Japanese culture and the economy and this summer, she worked for a think tank in Washington DC followed by a tech startup in Shanghai. She is passionate about international economic development and policy analysis and hopes to pursue a career around development and integration of developing countries into the developed world socially, economically, culturally and technologically. She is fluent in Hindi and can read and write French. She looks forward to bringing forward stories about the affairs of the world in different contexts with Glimpse from the Globe. Read More
Kate Curry
Kate Curry s a sophomore at USC studying International Relations and French. Originally from West Virginia, she enjoys traveling and learning about different languages and cultures (so far during her time at USC, she has travelled to Russia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Thailand, with plans to go to India soon!) Last summer, Kate interned in Hong Kong as part of USC’s Global Fellows Program. On campus, Kate is a member of Delta Phi Epsilon (USC’s professional foreign service fraternity) and Gamma Phi Beta sorority, and has volunteered with the Teaching International Relations Program and the Joint Education Project. Last semester, she was a research assistant for the Price school’s Affordable Los Angeles project, where she conducted in depth interviews with Los Angeles residents to gather data on rent burden. She is interested in pursuing a career focusing on human rights issues, with a particular emphasis on children’s access to education and equal opportunity. Read More