Author Ishani Desai

Ishani Desai is a Presidential Scholar sophomore majoring in Economics/Mathematics and minoring in Applied Analytics. Her hometown is Yorba Linda of Orange County in Southern California. Besides being the Outreach Director of Glimpse, Ishani is the co-director of the Academic Committee of the Trojans Scholars Society, helping to plan academic and professional opportunities for USC’s merit scholars. Fluent in Gujarati, Hindi, and Spanish, Ishani’s current areas of interest include India and Latin America, researching major events in those developing countries, such as the ongoing economic turmoil in Venezuela, and analyzing economic situations from a quantitative perspective. Ishani hopes to work for the UN someday as a lawyer, working extensively with organizations such as the WTO in negotiating trade treaties and creating reforms. She is excited for her second year at Glimpse and the opportunity to continue to strengthen her writing and knowledge of international affairs. Ishani is also a research assistant for the Lab on Non-Democratic Politics, based in the International Relations department, studying foreign lobbying. She loves to listen to a variety of music, write in her journal, read, hang out with friends, and explore new places! This past summer, Ishani had an internship in Washington D.C., working for a tech based public affairs firm. If you have any questions about internships, public affairs, or about working/living in D.C. in general, feel free to reach out –